My name is Juan Camilo Rodriguez.

I’m a graphic design professional, lettering artist and illustrator, passionate about creating
out-of-the-ordinary artworks and enjoying graphic arts as my way of life.

I work as the Creative Director of my own design studio located in sunny Miami, Fl. www.blastcreativestudio.com

My nickname “Juantastico” has become a known name in the design and lettering community
thanks to my distinctive hand lettering Illustrations, and detailed colorful illustrations.
Find more of my work on Instagram, Facebook and Behance.

Thank you for visiting.

My Studio 

When working with me, you are not only getting the best of my creative expertise, craftsmanship and dedication to create outstanding graphic solutions, you are also getting the best ideas from a team of talented graphics professionals that will help me find the most effective way to turn your idea into an effective communication tool.

We offer services of custom lettering art and illustration, branding development, fashion and product photography, editorial design, and apparel art to individual clients and corporations.

​Let’s work together…
Let’s have Blast!